Progress Report on Hulwa Baghdad (Trade Exchange Plazas) Project

Successful Completion of Yusufiya Exchange Plaza

The Ministry of Transport, through the General Company for Land Transport, has announced the progress of the Hulwa Baghdad project, which aims to alleviate traffic congestion in the capital city. According to the statement from the ministry's media office, the director-general of the company, Mr. Mortadha Al-Shahmani, said that under the directives of the Minister of Transport, Razak Muhiebis Al-Saadawi, more than 90% of the Yusufiya Exchange Plaza project has been completed, and it will be inaugurated soon.

The statement further revealed that the progress rate for the Al-Taji Exchange Plaza has reached between 40 to 50 percent. The director-general added that they are in the process of completing all the requirements related to the land allocated for the Al-Kut Plaza, which is being transferred from the Municipality of Al-Wahda to the General Company for Land Transport. Additionally, the issue regarding the land for the Diyala Plaza has been resolved, as an agreement has been reached with the General Secretariat to determine the land.

"We have allocated 400 dunums for the Yusufiya Plaza project, 400 dunums for the Al-Taji entrance plaza, 210 dunums for the Al-Kut entrance, and 210 dunums for the Diyala entrance."

The Hulwa Baghdad project is considered a vital initiative to alleviate the traffic congestion within Baghdad by redirecting all trucks and heavy vehicles into the exchange plazas, where the goods will then be transferred to smaller vehicles. This project also plays a crucial role in preserving the city's infrastructure.

Diwaniya Governor Calls for Completion of Noor Al-Ufuq Company's Projects

The governor of Diwaniya, Mr. Abbas Shaiel Al-Zamili, has directed the formation of committees to follow up on the completion of the Noor Al-Ufuq Company's projects in the seven neighborhoods. Al-Zamili emphasized the need to "address all the conflicts facing the work of the executing companies for the rehabilitation projects of the seven neighborhoods (Al-Sudur, Al-Furat, Al-Shurta, and Al-Sadiq) and complete all the work of opening and unblocking the sewage networks and the main lines."

The governor has also instructed the formation of a committee from the Sewerage Directorate, the Follow-up Department in the Governorate Diwan, and the Resident Engineer's Department to follow up on the work of the Noor Al-Ufuq Company in the seven neighborhoods until they are completed.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Municipalities Committee in the Governorate Council, MP Zainab Abbas Abdul-Kazem, the Technical Deputy Governor, Engineer Baqir Alawi, the Projects Director in the Governorate Diwan, Engineer Muhammad Jasim Ghazi, and several other officials.

Nineveh Governor Directs Rehabilitation and Development of Parks in Tal Afar District

The governor of Nineveh, Mr. Abdulqader Al-Dakhil, has stressed the need to complete the parks and recreational areas in the center of Tal Afar district, in order to add green spaces for the residents to enjoy and provide a recreational outlet for the people of Tal Afar.

Aerial view of Tal Afar district with parks and green spaces

This directive aims to enhance the quality of life and recreational opportunities for the residents of Tal Afar, who have faced significant challenges in recent years due to the security and humanitarian situation in the region. By developing and rehabilitating the parks and recreational areas, the Nineveh governorate is taking steps to improve the overall well-being and quality of life for the people of Tal Afar.

Rendering of a newly developed park in Tal Afar district

The governor's emphasis on this project demonstrates the administration's commitment to addressing the needs of the local community and providing them with accessible green spaces and recreational facilities. This initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the social and environmental aspects of the Tal Afar district, contributing to the overall development and revitalization of the region.