Registration Open for Field Lacrosse Season

The field lacrosse season is gearing up in Prince Albert, with registration for the 2024 Fall Field Lacrosse season opening on Wednesday. The season will feature teams ranging from U9 all the way through U20, offering opportunities for players of all ages to participate in this exciting sport.

Matt Robin, the Field Sector Chair for Prince Albert Lacrosse, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season. "I'm really looking forward to seeing the season get underway," he said. "Field lacrosse is a fast-paced and thrilling game, and we have a lot of talented players in our community who are eager to get back on the field."

Adapting to Change

This year's field lacrosse season will look a bit different from previous years, as the organizers have implemented some changes to enhance the overall experience. "We've made a few adjustments based on feedback from players and parents," explained Robin. "Our goal is to create an environment that is both competitive and enjoyable for everyone involved."

One of the notable changes is the introduction of a new tournament format. "Instead of the traditional league structure, we're going to be hosting a series of tournaments throughout the season," said Robin. "This will give the teams more opportunities to compete against different opponents and showcase their skills."

Additionally, the league has made some adjustments to the schedule to accommodate the needs of the players and their families. "We've listened to the feedback we've received and tried to find a balance that works for everyone," Robin said. "We know that families have busy schedules, so we've tried to make the season more accessible and flexible."

Exciting Times Ahead

Despite the changes, Robin is confident that the 2024 Fall Field Lacrosse season will be a success. "We have a great group of coaches and volunteers who are dedicated to the sport and the development of our players," he said. "I'm really excited to see what these kids can accomplish on the field this year."

For those interested in participating, registration is now open, and Robin encourages everyone to sign up as soon as possible. "We've already had a great response, and we're expecting a lot of interest," he said. "So, if you're interested in joining us, don't wait – get your registration in now!"

With the registration process underway and the season just around the corner, the Prince Albert Lacrosse community is buzzing with anticipation. "This is a really exciting time for our sport," said Robin. "We can't wait to see what the future holds for field lacrosse in our city."

Hawkes Shines in Predators Crease

In other lacrosse news, the Prince Albert Predators have been making headlines with their standout goaltender, Mason Hawkes. Hawkes had a tremendous season for the Predators a year ago, earning the Prairie Gold Lacrosse League (PGLL) Defensive Player of the Year and Sask Major Male Athlete of the Year awards, as well as Predators Most Valuable Player honours.

This year, Hawkes has been even more impressive, showcasing his skills and leading the Predators to new heights. "Mason is an incredible goaltender," said Predators head coach, Sarah Johnson. "His focus, agility, and ability to read the game have been instrumental in our success this season."

"Mason is an incredible goaltender. His focus, agility, and ability to read the game have been instrumental in our success this season."

Hawkes' impressive performances have not gone unnoticed, and he has been the subject of much praise and attention from the lacrosse community. "It's been really exciting to see Mason's growth and development over the past few years," said Johnson. "He's a true leader on and off the field, and we're incredibly proud of what he's been able to accomplish."

Mason Hawkes, the star goaltender of the Prince Albert Predators, making a spectacular save during a game.
Mason Hawkes, the star goaltender of the Prince Albert Predators, making a spectacular save during a game.

As the Predators continue to compete at the highest level, Hawkes' contributions will be crucial to their success. With his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment, he has quickly become one of the most respected and admired players in the league.

The 2024 Fall Field Lacrosse season and the continued rise of the Predators' goaltending star, Mason Hawkes, are sure to be exciting events for the Prince Albert lacrosse community. As the registration process gets underway and the teams prepare for the upcoming challenges, the future of the sport in the city looks brighter than ever.